Hello. My name is Quinn and recently my family and I found ourselves with the desire to order some pizza from Lola Pizza & Pie in Cambridge, Ontario. However, we didn’t know the menu options so we went online to check out their website, but it doesn’t exist. So I decided to put the current menu brochure online via this website. You can see the menu here.

This website is not officially affiliated with Lola Pizza & Pie in any way, I simply wanted to display the menu options online since I could not find them anywhere myself and I guessed that no one else could either. If you have read their reviews online, it’s true, sometimes their customer service is really, really… really illogically, horrible. They still have the best pizza in Cambridge though, so if you’re willing to take your chances with them (sometimes their great!) then here’s their menu.

If you own Lola Pizza & Pie contact me here┬áif you’d like me to make this website, or something similar, your official website.